24th of October 2012

A “Mummy Tuck”?

Let’s face it, for most women, childbearing is clearly one of the most memorable and satisfying experiences in their lives. And most, when asked, would do it all over again if they had the chance.

Unfortunately, for many women, the state of pregnancy wreaks havoc with their bodies. Particularly hard hit are the breasts and abdomen. Unfortunately, exercise and diet cannot always return your body back to how it was before children. Woman often find that multiple pregnancies, larger babies and genetics leave their abdomen with muscle damage resulting in excess skin or fat deposits.

Unlike our parent’s generation, many of the Mothers I see want to stay young and feel young, and preserve the body they’ve had. Although they are Mums, the clothes they wear, the restaurants they go to and the lifestyle they lead are all part of the growing trend towards Mummy makeovers.

As with all surgery, I believe it is crucial that my patients are thoroughly educated on a procedure, the risks and the outcomes. I see hundreds of women a year who are suffering from the physical effects of child birth and who want to feel more confident about their appearance. I do empathise that the lead up to an initial consultation is a nerve wracking time. However I do my best to immediately put my patients at ease and let them know that no matter how self-conscious they are about their body that “I’ve seen it all!”

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