14th of February 2013

Affluent intimacy: Liberation with Labiaplasty

Enriching the mind and body gives you more than confidence; it gives you freedom and deliverance of the self…

Many are calling it the ‘designer vagina’ and are turning to labiaplasty to enhance the look and feel of their most intimate areas. Genital cosmetic surgery is one of the most rapidly growing areas in cosmetic surgery, and the main treatment being requested by my patients is labiaplasty.
A labiaplasty (or labial rejuventation treatment) is a surgical procedure where the inner labia are trimmed so they look smoother and more ‘tucked in’. When I perform a labiaplasty, I re-shape and beautify the inner lips of the vagina, the labia minora, or the outer lips, the labia majora.

This allows me to effectively alter the appearance of the labia, and help my patients enjoy a more comfortable intimate area. Many women turn to this surgery because they feel their labia is abnormal, it causes pain or discomfort or they do not like how it looks.

A body-conscious nation…

We are a country that idolises the beach, with bikini-clad beauties and smooth-skinned models plastered across all media outlets. Over the past five years, more women have been starting to second-guess their bodies, and have called upon me to help them achieve what they feel is perfection. Women of all ages are being subjected to these false and near impossible-to-reach images of the perfect body, and I find many of my patients are feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed by their feminine parts.
Even with love-your-body campaigns designed to help women understand that perfection is something the media fabricated over 50 years ago, women are still finding it difficult to truly accept the skin they are in.

A plastic surgeon who cares…

My goal goes beyond the nip/tuck to achieve perfection; my ultimate goal is to help my patients achieve self-confidence and a new-found love for their body. I am a female plastic surgeon, and I believe this aids me in understanding issues that my patients feel and experience, and allows me to work together with them to accomplish their own personal body ambitions in the privacy of my Richmond clinic.
I will be your point of contact from the start, without being bombarded with nurses or assistants. Your goals are my goals, and I will talk to you and listen to your needs so we can design a treatment plan that will help you discover your true love – you.

There is no perfect labium…

It is important to remember that there is no perfect labium, that every woman is different. As a woman I can understand how, with a strong media presence and with little real information readily available, my patients can become embarrassed about their bodies. If you feel a labiaplasty would benefit you because you:

  • Experience discomfort caused by protruding labia rubbing on clothing
  • Childbirth distortion
  • Painful intercourse

I am happy to have a comprehensive consultation with you to discuss your issues and work together to assess, diagnose and solve them.

To discover more about enhancing your confidence with the labioplasty procedure I perform or to book an appointment at my Melbourne cosmetic practice, please contact me.