11th of September 2017

Breast Augmentation – choosing the right size for you

The journey of breast implant surgery is a very rewarding one. The choice of the size of the breast implant is also very important.

Understanding the choices available to you will help you clarify exactly what you want and increase your satisfaction with your results.

Firstly, assessment:

There is no substitute for accurate measurements. Dr Jane will measure your base width, nipple to crease distance and inter breast distance as well as assess the size of your existing breast tissue, skin quality and symmetry of volume, shape and nipple position.

Your goals:

It is so important to discuss openly what you would like to achieve.  How do you want to look?  It is important to tell Dr Jane what you want, what you find appealing and to be as specific as possible.  This discussion will help Dr Jane get an accurate idea of what you want to achieve and more importantly, whether it is feasible. Discussing bra size is a good starting point but by no means is the final word in deciding on breast implant size.  Not all bras fit the same. For example, a Victoria Secret C cup can be very different to a Berlie C cup. There is no standardisation.

Speak in Volumes:

Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimetres (cc’s). Common volumes range from 180cc’s to 600cc’s. The most commonly chosen implant is approximately 300cc’s.

Establish limitations:

What would be your smallest choice?  What would be your largest choice. Bigger is not always better. In fact, more complications occur in the short and long term with very large implants.

Breast Implant Profile:

Once you have decided on approximate volume and implant type, the next choice is projection.  This refers to how far the implants protrude from your chest. Implants can be high, moderate, or low profile. High profile implants can allow you to have more volume in a narrower width.  Like implant choice, this decision is based on your anatomy. If you are broad chested, you will need a wider implant.

Choosing the right sized implant involves a two – way conversation between you and your surgeon.  Express your desires as best as possible and trust in Dr Jane’s expertise.

Breast Augmentation Richmond

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