7th of October 2014

Breast Augmentation – Your surgical journey

STEP 1. Make an appointment

Phone or email us for a confidential consultation with Dr Jane. See your GP for a referral letter and bring that in with you.

STEP 2. Your consultation

  • Paperwork first.
  • Appointment with Dr Jane:
    • medical considerations
    • photography
    • measurements and assessment
    • implant sizing
  • Full costing and scheduling information.

STEP 3. The day of your operation

  • Nothing to eat or drink from 12 midnight the night before.
  • Arrive at the admissions desk of either Epworth Richmond or Epworth Cliveden hospitals. You will be phoned the day before and advised of your admission time.
  • Wear loose clothing, no jewellery and no nail polish. Bring personal toiletries and a book if you wish.
  • More paperwork at the hospital.
  • Admission by nursing staff.

STEP 4. Pre-op

  • You will be seen by your specialist anaesthetist. Remember to tell them anything from your past history or anything that is of concern to you.
  • Dr Jane will talk to you, draw her surgical markings on you and photograph you. Dr Jane will answer any further questions and confirm your requests.

STEP 5. Post-op

  • You will wake up in the recovery ward with your own nurse by your side.
  • You will be seen by Dr Jane before you are discharged home later in the day.
  • You will be discharged home with strong pain relief tablets and antibiotics. You will be wearing a bra that is provided for you.
  • Dr Jane will personally phone you the following day.
  • You will have your first post-op appointment the week after surgery when the waterproof bandages will be changed and you will be given further post-operative instructions and a review appointment.

STEP 6. Ongoing Review

  • You will see Dr Jane at 6 weeks. Your implants will be starting to settle and soften. Further photos will be taken.
  • You will see Dr Jane again at 6 months and then annually to monitor the implants.

Dr Jane is an experienced Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Breast Augmentation. Phone 9429 3343 today for your consultation.