23rd of July 2014

Breast Enlargement - Frequently Asked Questions

How are breast implants placed?

Breast implants are usually inserted either under the breast tissue or deeper under the large breast (pectoral) muscle, or it may involve a combination of both of these positions. The incision is made under the breast fold where it is hidden.

What size implant should I choose?

Most women want to choose a size that flatters their figure and produces a natural look and feel. You may also want to minimise the space between your breasts and bring your breasts into proportion with the overall shape of your body. Discussing what you have in mind with your surgeon is important, so that he or she can take your expectations into account when considering the implant size and shape. If you have seen pictures of what you like, or dislike, bring these with you to your consultation.
Breast width, height and projection are all-important considerations. The width of your breast is what will determine the size of the space between your breasts (cleavage). Breast width also determines the outer curve of the breasts, a contour, which is essential to balance the breasts to the hips.

How long does breast enlargement surgery take?

Breast enlargement surgery generally takes one hour.

How long is the recovery after having implant surgery?

Recovery timeframes largely depend on the extent of surgery and your lifestyle. Initially you will feel slight pressure and tightness, and discomfort lasts for approximately 2-4 days. Therefore in the first week it is best to plan a complete rest period (without driving where possible). You will need to avoid lifting children, large heavy objects, over stretching and upper body exercise for at least 2-3 weeks. Time away from work depends on the physical activity requirements of your job. For example, a hairdresser will require a longer period away from work than perhaps an office worker, due to the muscles in the chest being used repetitively.

What does Cohesive mean?

Cohesion describes a gel’s tendency to stick together. Therefore, should a possible rupture occur the gel does not migrate away from the implant itself.

How long will my implants last?

Breast implants are artificial devices, which will gradually age and wear and will eventually need to be removed or replaced at some stage in your life. The general consideration for removal and/or exchange is between 10 – 20 years. How long the implant remains without complications depends on the type of implant inserted and the type of surgery you have.

Should I have regular mammograms?

All women in the age and risk groups for which mammograms are recommended should continue to have them. Those women who have increased risk factors should follow a schedule based on their doctors’ recommendations.

Prior to your consultation with your surgeon write down any questions that you would like answered. Bring with you any pictures that you like or dislike the look of.

You need to feel comfortable with your surgeon, and their staff, in the fact that your questions have been answered in a manner you can understand.