16th of October 2017

Female vs Male Surgeons

New studies suggest; women make better surgeons than men.

Many patients ask the question, “how do I choose the right surgeon for me?”

No decision to undergo surgery should be taken lightly, and as such, choosing the right plastic surgeon for you is vital.

A great indicator, whether a male or female surgeon, is if you feel comfortable discussing your needs and concerns with them. And above all, for them to take the time to listen and truly understand your unique requirements.

As with all studies such as this, the conclusions can be debated. In fact, Dr Jane believes a great doctor is determined by their individual qualities, not their gender. However, she cannot ignore that as a female surgeon, she is able to understand at a deeper level the needs of her female patients.

A doctor-patient relationship is built on trust, understanding and compassion. Dr Jane strives to work closely with each one of her patient to create results they are happy with.


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