5th of November 2012

Fine, Fresh, Fierce… Creating the California Girl Look

They are admired for their sun-kissed complexions and beautiful bodies…

California girls are known to be carefree and radiate youth, confidence and spirit. So admired are they that many women want what they have. I am Dr Jane Paterson, and I am committed to providing you with cosmetic treatments that allow you to feel beautiful in your own skin so you can reclaim your vitality and confidence.

In my many years of practicing cosmetic surgery, I came to recognise that many women were not solely after one treatment, but wished instead to makeover a large portion of their appearance, if not a total transformation. Understanding this, upon establishing my practice I strived to incorporate several makeover treatment plans tailored to each patient so they can achieve the body of their dreams.

Introducing the California Beach Girl Makeover…

My California Beach Girl makeover is a customised cosmetic surgery treatment plan that is specifically designed to your needs and requirements. I sit with you to create a tailored plan that I know will allow you to obtain the best results. It is a plan that is created to help you reclaim your confidence about your physical aesthetics through the use of one or a combination of procedures. The procedures I am able to use for your California Beach Girl Makeover in my Melbourne practice consist of:

Tummy Tuck

This procedure can reduce the loose skin and overhang resulting from pregnancy or weight loss. It can allow you to achieve that tight and smaller midsection so you can be comfortable with your stomach.

Breast Lift

This cosmetic procedure can help to restore the placement of your breasts, counteracting loose and sagging skin by lifting the breasts and tightening the skin. This can give you beautiful, youthful breasts and restore your sense of femininity.

Breast Enhancement

If your breasts are giving you grief because you feel they are not in harmony with the rest of your body, I am able to give you natural looking breasts that are in proportion with the rest of your body.

Dissatisfied with your appearance? I can help…

No matter what your grievance is with your body, I am completely committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and am open to discussing whatever concerns you may have. I am able to sit with you in an open and honest consultation so I can determine your goals, assess your condition and recommend a treatment that I feel will give you the best results.

I’m transparent with my treatment options and processes, and feel that educating my patients is extremely important in providing an honest and effective cosmetic treatment. I aim to make every patient completely informed before they make their choice on a cosmetic treatment, as surgery is a large commitment and requires realistic expectations combined with a full understanding of the process for the results to be fully appreciated.

You are entitled to feel beautiful, and if you are unhappy with your body I can help you achieve the physique you want with my various high-quality surgical procedures. I endeavour to provide every patient superior treatment blended with an unsurpassed level of care and commitment.

To discover more about the California Beach Girl makeover or if you would like to book a consultation with me at my Melbourne practice, please feel free to contact me.