3rd of March 2013

Keen for Surgery?

If you are happy to go ahead with surgery after your consultation with Dr Paterson, we will give you a package containing all the information you will need…

An important factor for you is feeling comfortable with your surgeon and, confident that you have had all your questions answered so you can make an informed decision to proceed with surgery. During your appointment a lot of information is discussed about the surgery, post-operative care and the financial aspects, and we encourage people to revisit this information until they feel confident with their decision.

A package containing all the information discussed during your consultation with Dr Paterson will be yours to keep and may contain drawings, photos and a surgical quote.

Operating lists are scheduled every Wednesday so you can either choose by date or by hospital. The choice of hospitals is, the Epworth Richmond (Richmond) or the Epworth Cliveden (East Melbourne).

When you have selected a date you will receive in the post:

A Confirmation of Surgery Letter

  • Confirms your procedure date, time and hospital.
  • A simple checklist you can follow before the months or weeks leading to your surgery to ensure you have completed all the necessary paperwork, what to do the night before and morning of your procedure and what to bring with you to hospital.

Post-Operative Appointment Card

  • 1 week post-operative appointment card

Hospital Admission Forms

  • The blue hospital forms are very comprehensive and need to be completely filled in. They are then posted into the hospital with the attached, self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Payment Form

  • Credit card or bank transfer details form.

The hospital will phone you 2 – 3 days before your operation date to confirm your admission time and your fasting instructions.

For more information on your surgery or to book an appointment at my Melbourne cosmetic practice, please contact me.