30th of July 2013

NATRELLE Breast Implants by Allergan

With so many breast implant options, the NATRELLE Collection makes it easier for your surgeon to match the right implant for your unique shape and body tissue.


The NATRELLE Collection offers a variety of implant styles. The right shape for you is a balance between the aesthetic outcome you desire and what your breast measurements and tissue characteristics will allow.

Round Implants fill out the existing breast tissue by adding volume, particularly to the upper pole of the breast resulting in a ‘rounded’ look. The upper pole of the breast can lose fullness over time due to gravity, resulting in a flatter, emptier look. Round implants come in four profiles, low, moderate, full and extra full.

Anatomical or teardrop implants are shaped more naturally to follow the body’s natural lines. The implants fill out existing breast tissue by a subtle increase in upper pole volume and a greater increase in lower pole volume. They can be used when there is little breast tissue present and the implant assists in shaping the breast.  Anatomical implants are also helpful when the breast needs a subtle lift.  They are available in a wide variety of individual shapes to match all breast contours.

Breast implants are measured by volume (cubic centimetres – cc’s or grams) not cup size.

The NATRELLE Collection offers a wide range of volumes from 110 grams to 800 grams, so you and your surgeon can find the volume you are looking for.  The final volume is determined by combining the base width that fits your chest with the projection you desire.

** It is important to be aware that a larger volume implant may not necessarily mean your breasts will look bigger – it depends on your body type and shape.  For example, a 350 gram implant can look completely different in a smaller framed women than in a larger framed woman.

For further information about NATRELLE implants or to book a consultation with Dr Jane Paterson at her Melbourne clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.