8th of April 2013

Purify the Soul: Define Your Form

With an image-focused media that drives the force of a society obsessed, women are becoming confused about something they should have total confidence in: their bodies…

With a constant media push, now there are almost no boundaries when it comes to a woman’s options to enhance her femininity and reveal her inner beauty. My name is Jane Paterson and I’m a female cosmetic surgeon who offers treatments tailored to your particular needs. My staff and I are dedicated to providing a range of cosmetic surgeries that can enhance a woman’s body, mind and soul. Labiaplasty is one of the more personal procedures I perform and I have seen the many positive effects it has on my patients, and that is why I continue to offer this treatment for your ultimate benefit.

It is my wish as a cosmetic doctor that women will choose to empower themselves through the use of aesthetic surgery, whether it is for their breasts or most intimate areas. I believe that labiaplasty can hold the key to helping you empower yourself with self-confidence: something that is priceless.

Look inside yourself to reveal your inner goddess…

It can be a little confronting when trying to discover more about female rejuvenation surgeries – and this is why I will always ensure you are fully informed about your treatment, for complete peace of mind. You will always be encouraged to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have, as I believe surgeries are not about ‘fixing’ you, they are about helping you achieve your body desires and in order to accomplish this, we need to work together.

Helping you every step of the way…

No two women are the same, and by knowing this I can help you have realistic expectations of your procedure. I sit and consult with you to listen about your body grievances and gain insight into what you really need, so we can work together to obtain the best results.

The main concerns of women requesting a labiaplasty…

A naturally protruding labia can be both genetic and developed through childbirth. The tissue, while seemingly a small problem, can cause a number of physical and self-confidence issues in the body including:

  • Feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment due to an uneven or protruding labia
  • Discomfort caused by protruding labia rubbing on clothing
  • Painful intercourse

Why should I get labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a treatment that can be used to increase your feelings of beauty, confidence and sensuality. You may even feel empowered by your procedure and be confident to take charge of your life.

To discover more about enhancing your confidence with the labioplasty procedure I perform or to book an appointment at my Melbourne cosmetic practice, please contact me.