1st of August 2013

The right questions to help you make the right choice

Even with so many options, asking your surgeon the right questions and sharing expectations and any concerns you have is one of the most important steps in getting the individual aesthetic results that is right for you.

Please consider the following important questions for discussion at your consultation:


  • How many breast augmentation procedures does the surgeon perform each year?
  • How many years has the surgeon been performing breast augmentation procedures?
  • What brands of implants does the surgeon work with?
  • How long have these brands been available for use?
  • Does the surgeon have experience with the NATRELLE Collection?
  • Does the surgeon have some before and after photos of previous surgeries that you can look at?


  • What implant is best for me?
  • Round or anatomical?
  • What size is best for me?


  • What should I expect to happen on the day of surgery?
  • Exactly what will be done?
  • What are the expected benefits?
  • What are the risks and common side effects/likely consequences?
  • Are there significant long term physical, emotional, mental, social, sexual outcomes which may be associated with the proposed surgery?
  • Who will perform the operation?
  • How should I prepare for surgery and recovery?
  • How much time is involved in surgery and the recovery?
  • Will I have scars?
  • What will my breasts look like after surgery?
  • When I touch my breast how will they feel?
  • How common is re-operation?
  • What if I am not happy with the results?
  • What are the costs involved in the surgery?
  • Do I have regular check-ups after the surgery?


  • Will my breasts look different over time?
  • Is it possible to have my implants removed and not replaced?


  • Are there any concerns with breast implants and pregnancy?
  • Will implants affect my ability to breastfeed?
  • Is breastfeeding with implants okay for my baby?
  • How can I expect my breasts to look after pregnancy and breastfeeding?


  • Can I have mammograms with breast implants?

For further information about making the right choice for your breast augmentation or to book a consultation with Dr Jane Paterson at her Melbourne clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.