1st of April 2013

Understanding the Team

There are many people who work in the operating theatre, and for your peace of mind we have highlighted their roles…

Theatre orderly – will transport you from the admission area through to the anaesthetic area before you go into the operating theatre.

Theatre technician – will assist in positioning you comfortably and safely for the operation. They also ensure the surgeon has any extra machinery required for the operation.

Anaesthetist – A highly qualified doctor who will insert the I.V into your arm and who is responsible for maintaining your airway, breathing and circulation during the operation, and keeping you completely asleep.

Anaesthetic nurse – assists the anaesthetist to ensure that I.V fluids, additional drugs and equipment are ready. They will often meet you in the recovery room or the anaesthetic bay before your go into the operating theatre and will place the heart rate monitor on your finger and sticky dots (normally three) for the ECG machine to monitor your heart. They can also produce magical things like a “Bear Hugger” which is a blanket that inflates with lovely warm air to keep you comfortable. It is divine!

Circulating nurse – is the nurse who oversees the running of the theatre. They check the surgical instruments are ready and they assist the scrub nurse to set-up. They will also ensure that the next patient is called for in a timely manner and that all the paperwork is completed.

Scrub nurse – assists and initiates the instruments the surgeons will need throughout the procedure.

It is a very busy place and each highly qualified professional plays a part in ensuring the success of your procedure.

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