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Dr Jane Paterson

One of Melbourne’s most highly trusted and sought-after female cosmetics plastic surgeons Dr Jane Paterson is a fully trained and experienced Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) and a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
AHPRA registration number – MED0001141949

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If you’re looking for a plastic surgery clinic with years of experience in delivering results for patients and a surgeon who’ll bring a renowned level of care, speak to us today.

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    Experience complete care with

    Specialist female plastic surgeon Dr Jane Paterson

    Dr Jane Paterson is an experienced Plastic Surgeon who specialises in cosmetic surgery for women. To Dr. Jane, you’re not just another patient, you’re a person who deserves individualised care and expert guidance. Recognised as a qualified and experienced figure in women’s plastic surgery, Dr. Jane is highly skilled in a range of specialised procedures, such as Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Abdominoplasty, and Labiaplasty. What truly distinguishes Dr. Jane is her compassionate, patient-centred approach. Each consultation is an open dialogue where your needs and wants are heard and respected. With Dr. Jane’s extensive medical knowledge and a compassionate touch, she will provide you with the information and personalised care you need to make an informed decision about your health and wellbeing.

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    Dr Jane Paterson is renowned throughout Melbourne and Australia for her expertise in plastic surgery treatments.

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    Melbourne's leading
    female plastic surgeon

    Committed to keeping you informed and confident from your first consultation too your after-care process, Dr Jane has transformed the lives of each of her patients.

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    If you are looking for a plastic surgery clinic where exceptional results meet compassionate care and a deep understanding of patient needs, Dr. Jane is the right surgeon for you to speak with. Dr. Jane has built a legacy on excellence and a genuine commitment to her patients’ well-being. She will welcome you to share your concerns and goal so she can provide a personalised treatment plan to achieve the best possible results. Contact us today to speak with our reception staff and organise an appointment to start your surgery journey with Dr. Jane.

    Is your body affecting your confidence or your goals?

    Our bodies change over time, that’s a fact. Our overall shape and proportions change and often, so too does the perception of the way we look and the confidence we feel in our bodies. This is especially true after we have children.

    As a female plastic surgeon, Dr Jane Paterson understands these concerns. You shouldn’t feel alone. As a qualified, experienced and dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr Jane can help you restore your shape, your femininity and your body balance.

    Our Results

    Before and After gallery

    Dr Jane Paterson has provided an extensive number of treatments for women of all shapes and sizes. A selection of before and afters are available for you viewing.

    Graphic or sexual content ahead.

    Our Team Is Here For You

    Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs with the sensitivity, understanding and attention to detail which you as a patient always deserve. Dr. Jane prides herself on her approachable and compassionate personality allowing her patients to feel comfortable during their whole cosmetic surgery journey.

    Dr. Jane’s detailed understanding of the female form comes not just from her medical training but also experiencing and understanding the concerns we all experience as a woman. This blend of professional and personal insight allows her to connect with the unique aspects of each patient’s journey. In every consultation, she prioritises making each individual feel heard and valued. More than just a skilled surgeon, Dr. Jane also emphasises overall well-being, establishing a genuine bond of trust. This has cemented her reputation as not just a medical expert, but a trusted companion in her patients’ cosmetic surgery journey.

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