Female vs Male Surgeons


New studies suggest; women make better surgeons than men. Many patients ask the question, "how do I choose the right surgeon for me?" No decision to undergo surgery should be taken lightly, and as such, choosing the right plastic surgeon for you is vital. A great indicator, whether a male or female surgeon,…

Breast Augmentation – choosing the right size for you

Breast Augmentation – choosing the right size for you | Dr Jane Paterson

The journey of breast implant surgery is a very rewarding one. The choice of the size of the breast implant is also very important. Understanding the choices available to you will help you clarify exactly what you want and increase your satisfaction with your results. Firstly, assessment: There is no…

Learn more about breast reduction


What is Breast Reduction Surgery? For women with large, out of proportion, heavy and sagging breasts, Breast Reduction Surgery can alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain and restore symmetry and body proportions. By removing excess breast tissue, fat and sagging stretched skin, breast reduction surgery can make breasts smaller, lighter,…

What to expect 1 year after Breast Reduction Surgery


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a breast reduction? This New York blogger published her story in the Huffington Post.  She talks about how she feels one year after her breast reduction.  This is a very good first-hand account of her experience. To read the…

Neck and Shoulder Pain – How Breast Reduction Helps


Many women with neck and shoulder pain have large, ptotic (drooping) breasts.  If you have large or heavy breasts you will understand the discomfort when sitting at your desk or trying to exercise.  You may also have difficulty sleeping and you will probably have trouble finding a good bra that…

Labioplasty – Recent Trends in Plastic Surgery


Almost one in five women are interested in having “designer vagina” surgery according to new Australian research. The most common form of genital surgery is labioplasty.  This is a procedure to reduce the size or change the shape of the Labia Minora. Labioplasty is commonly performed on women who experience…

What Is A Breast Lift?


Many women are distressed by their sagging or drooping breasts. The medical term for this is Breast Ptosis (pronounced: tosis). Breast position is maintained by many factors. There are suspensory ligaments within the breast that connect the deep layer of the skin to the pectoralis major muscle. These are the…

What is a Labioplasty?

What is a labiaplasty

Talking about a woman’s body is a very sensitive topic.  Even more so when talking about a woman’s labia. Every woman has two labia each side.  The outer labia or labia majora and the inner labia or labia minora.  Usually the  inner labia rest inside the outer labia. Labioplasty surgery…

The Keller Funnel and Breast Augmentation


The latest in Breast Implant Surgery. The Keller Funnel is a soft clear funnel-shaped device that is used to assist in placing the Breast Implant into the breast pocket. The Keller Funnel is a device that has revolutionised Breast Augmentation Surgery and has many advantages over placing the implant into…

Trends in Plastic Surgery

Trends in Plastic Surgery | Dr Jane Paterson Melbourne

Are you considering breast augmentation? Here are some discussion points from the annual meeting of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Surgeon preference for round breast implants There was a considerable discussion at the meeting about whether implants should be anatomically shaped or round. Overwhelmingly, American Surgeons prefer the use…

Silicone Vs. Saline Implants

Silicone Vs. Saline Implants

Let's look at the differences between silicone and saline implants When you hold a silicone implant in one hand and a saline implant in the other, the silicone implant feels a little softer. Likewise, when implants are placed in front of the pectoralis muscle, where they are camouflaged only by…

Timing your Breast Augmentation

Dr Jane Paterson

Whether you are planning a holiday, wedding, pregnancy or fitness programme, timing is everything when booking your Breast Augmentation. Holiday Around 3 weeks after your Breast Augmentation with Dr Jane you can swim in the beach, pool or spa as your incisions will be healed - be sure to always…

Lets Talk About Anti-Wrinkle Injections.


By the time we reach our mid 30’s, the majority of us will develop lines on our face commonly known as “worry lines”, “frown lines” or “crows feet”.  This makes us all look older and can even make us look mean or angry. What are anti-wrinkle injections? Anti-wrinkle injections are…

Your Safety During Surgery

epworth hospital

If you are having plastic surgery you are probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing a plastic surgeon. But where you have your surgery is just as important as who does your surgery. Dr Jane only operates at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. She has been going to the…

What you need to know about Abdominoplasty


Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck surgery is one of Dr Jane’s specialities. It involves removing the roll of loose skin and fat from the belly button to the pubic bone, repairing the underlying abdominal muscles and recontouring the hips. It is ideal for women who have had children and have stretched…

Trends in Plastic Surgery

Breast Surgery | Dr Jane Paterson | Richmond

More women are trading large breast implants for smaller sizes The President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Dr Daniel Mills reported a 10% increase in the number of women asking for breast implant removal – with or without replacement. A shift in Breast Augmentation procedures Plastic surgeons are…

The Rise of The Teenage Breast Reduction

The Rise of The Teenage Breast Reduction | Dr Jane Paterson

Over the past ten years, there has been a significant rise in the number of teenagers undergoing Breast Reduction surgery. Anecdotally, women’s breasts in our society seem to be getting bigger from a younger age.  This is probably due to a number of factors including reaching puberty earlier and the…

Who’s having a Labioplasty?


Labioplasty surgery (or labial reduction) is performed on women who’s labia are too big. Labioplasty surgery involves removing part of the labia minora – the inner lips. Less commonly it involves the labia majora. With Dr Jane this is performed in an accredited hospital under sterile conditions and under a…

Plastic Surgery & the Internet


The internet has become the ‘go-to’ to search for information, on anything and everything. We can learn how to apply makeup, care for our skin, read diet and lifestyle tips, plot our daily activity schedules and prepare menus created by chefs…..and the list goes on…. In 2014, 82% of Australians…

Breast Augmentation FAQ’s


For women with small breasts who want to be bigger or for women who have lost breast volume after having kids or from weight loss, breast augmentation surgery is a fantastic way to restore volume, shape and also a sense of confidence and wellbeing. The following are important questions to…

Your Breast Reduction Recovery


Like most important things in life, preparation and planning are vital to your recovery following breast reduction surgery. You need to find time in your life to schedule this type of surgery as it is major surgery. A full recovery will take 6-8 weeks. Depending on your type of work…

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation


Breast augmentation surgery can be an exciting time and one where there is some adjustment to make toward your new body, not just to your physical self, but to your self-esteem, confidence and lifestyle too. The adjustment may also involve significant others, such as family concerned about you having surgery…

Do you want great skin? It starts here.


Do you want great skin?  It starts here. The journey to beautiful skin involves modern scientific technology and it is accessible to everyone. Anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and laser treatments are great and deliver instant results, however it is good, daily skincare with the right ingredients that will deliver to you…

Are you thinking about anti-wrinkle injections or filler treatments?


Anti-wrinkle injections have a proven history of enhancing appearances and turning back the clock. Good injectables can make you look younger and fresher. In fact with good injectables, those closest to you may not even be able to pinpoint what it is that you have had done. How do Anti-wrinkle…

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