22nd of July 2013

Are breast implants right for you?

Before embarking on your breast implant journey it is best to ask yourself a few questions…

Surgeons believe that to be a good candidate for breast implant surgery, you should:


Many women begin by asking friends and family who have had breast implant surgery and some also turn to internet for information.  The most valuable resource, however, is your surgeon. Trust his or her expertise to help you understand the risks and benefits associated with breast implants and surgery, as well as the limitations that may exist due to the characteristics of your breast tissue and body type.


Your personal motivation for surgery is one of the most important considerations in your decision making process. Spend time evaluating why you believe surgery is right for you.  Once you have carefully considered all information provided and consulted with your surgeon you should be able to establish whether you want to go ahead with breast implant surgery.


You want to feel good about your body but you need to have realistic expectations. You may have an idea of the shape and size of the breasts you would like. But the right fit is one that balances what you want with what will compliment your body type and what your breast tissue will allow.  Taking these three considerations on board is your first step toward attaining the best possible result for you.  That is why it’s important to talk honestly with your surgeon about your expectations for surgery.

For further information about suitable candidates for breast implants or to book a consultation with Dr Jane Paterson at her Melbourne clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.