30th of September 2013

Breast Enlargement – The Process

The consultation

1. The Appointment.

Your confidential appointment can be arranged several ways.  Either by phoning our office on 9429 3343, by email to reception@drjanepaterson.com.au or via facebook/drjanepaterson.  Please allow an hour for your appointment.

2. Questionnaire.

In order to get to know you, we like to know a little about your health and your medical history.  Sit down in our office and have a coffee, tell us what it is that you want.

3. In depth discussion with Dr Jane.

This takes time.  Dr Jane will talk to you and listen, examine you and measure your breasts.  Photograph you.  Give you detailed information about breast enlargement surgery.  Try some implants on to consider your size and shape options.  Show you appropriate before and after photos.

Booking in.

Following your consultation you will be advised to carefully consider your options and the advice that you have been given.  You may request a second consultation if you have any further questions.  You may book in for surgery choosing a date that suits your schedule and choosing the hospital.  You will confirm your breast implant size.

Our staff will completely organize your admission times and hospital stay.  You will need to organise your transport home.


Following your discharge home Dr Jane will personally call you to check how you are.  The hospital will also call you.

You will have been fitted with a post-op comfort bra which you will wear night and day until your review.  You will have a water resistant bandage over your incisions so you can shower.  Leave the bandages on until your first post op review.

It is important that you continue to take your antibiotics and pain relief tablets.  Gentle walking is advised but no exercise.  It is important that you rest.

On day 6 post-op you will see Dr Jane who will change all of your bandages and commence your post-op scar management programme.  Your will then have an appointment made for 6 weeks although if there are any concerns you must call at anytime.  You will be seen also at 6 months then at 12 months and then annually.  These reviews are important and there is no charge.

Breast Enlargement Surgery can enhance your life in a very positive way.  There have been many scientific studies that report significant improvements in self esteem and personal confidence.

The process of having breast implant surgery is very important to understand.  Ensure your surgeon is a safe and experienced specialist who is dedicated to service and results.