1st of May 2014

Breast Implant Profiles

Women have many options when considering breast enlargement surgery.  Every detail of the operation will change the final outcome.  It is important to think about what “look” you want and choose the right implant to achieve that look.

Implant size is the obvious first choice to consider and then implant profile.

Implant profile gives the forward projection of the breast.  How far forward the breasts project is determined by the implant profile.

Selecting a profile is determined by what “look” you want and by the dimensions and shape of your chest (ribs) and the size and shape of your natural breasts.  This requires a consultation and open conversation with an experienced Plastic Surgeon who understands the interactions of the implant with your body and what will work best to achieve the “look” you want.

Low Projection: A low profile implant is used for women who are quite broad chested and want some “filling” more than projection.  It gives a very natural result.

Moderate Projection: For women who want filling without too much projection.

Full Projection: The most common profile used.  It adds volume and projection filling out the upper pole of the breast above the nipple.

Extra Full Projection: Used commonly in narrow chested women who want volume.  It allows us to use a higher volume implant with a narrower base,  it is not a particularly natural look but very suitable for those women seeking dramatic upper pole fullness.

Only a skilled and experienced Plastic Surgeon who takes the time to listen, measure, and analyse will be able to guide you with your choice of breast implant.

To learn more about implant selection, book a one-one consultation with Dr Jane today.  Dr Jane will help and guide you step by step to achieve your goals.