18th of March 2014

Considering plastic or cosmetic surgery? Consider your expectations and understand your limitations

When you first begin to consider having plastic or cosmetic surgery performed it is advisable to have a clear goal of what you want to achieve.  When you are clear about the outcome you desire you will be able to communicate this clearly to your surgeon.  

Let’s look at Breast Augmentation as an example

Write out a list of what you don’t like about your breasts currently, then follow this with what you would like to achieve. For example you might want natural looking breasts, or want to be a *‘C’ cup, or you may want full and noticeable looking breasts and cleavage.

Discussing these aspects of how you think and feel towards your surgery will give your surgeon a greater understanding of how you would like your breasts to look. It is also important to understand and accept your limitations.  It can be anatomically unrealistic to use large volume breast implants in someone with a very small frame.  If your surgeon understands what you want to achieve they will discuss with you what is achievable and the best way to reach this.  There will be very valid reasons, from a surgical point-of-view, if they are suggesting other alternatives to you. If you do not feel this has been explained thoroughly, you feel uncomfortable with the reasons that have been discussed, or are disappointed or confused at the alternative outcome to the one you originally wanted, it is advisable to seek another opinion from a surgeon.

Although it may be helpful to speak with other women who have undergone this surgery, particularly in regards to issues such as, the post-operative recovery phase, it is not always beneficial to compare yourself to the pictures of other women. No two people will get the same result choosing the same breast implant.

Just because someone on an internet site or forum had breast implants, this does not mean that you will get the same result. This is due to factors such as, the amount of breast tissue you have before surgery.

In summary, write down what it is that you are unhappy with about your breasts and what you want to achieve with surgery.  After the consultation with your surgeon you should feel comfortable and have a thorough knowledge of what can be achieved, possible alternatives, and the likely outcome of your surgery. If not, book another appointment to discuss your surgery further or seek another surgical opinion. If you consider your expectations and understand your limitations to surgery you will create change that will inspire inner confidence for years to come.

* Cup size is not a medical means of measuring breast fullness. Sizes vary greatly between brands, which can therefore lead to an unreliable way of determining final cup size.