22nd of June 2015

Deciding to undergo breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can be an exciting time and one where there is some adjustment to make toward your new body, not just to your physical self, but to your self-esteem, confidence and lifestyle too. The adjustment may also involve significant others, such as family concerned about you having surgery or your partner adjusting to your new physique, and of course your feelings!

Ultimately it is your decision to move ahead with surgery, and you must make the final decision in choosing the type, size and the profile of the breast implants, following listening to advice from your surgeon.

It is best to want to go undergo surgery such as Breast Augmentation for yourself and not to please or satisfy someone else. Other pressures may also include, and be related to, the type of career or lifestyle you lead, pushing you to present yourself in a certain way.

Evidence shows that individuals who undergo breast surgery for reasons other than to change their appearance (eg: to change their lifestyle of fix life problems) are less satisfied with the surgery outcome. It is therefore important to consider whether or not factors such as work, sexual partners, or others are influencing your decision to undergo surgery.

People including relatives and friends may also find your decision to have breast augmentation questionable; however, the reasons you decide to go ahead with this type of surgery should be directly influenced by how you feel about yourself.

During your initial consultation Dr Jane will encourage you to talk about your concerns and aspirations with surgery. After your questions have been answered and you feel completely comfortable with your surgeon, you may then be ready to consider surgery.

As professionals we ensure your privacy is maintained and respected. It is entirely up to you what and how much information you share with friends and family. We are here to support you; from your initial contact with us, through the numerous years following your surgery.