4th of April 2013

Sculpting the Labia: Unleashing the Goddess

The rise of the ‘designer vagina’ has women flocking to cosmetic clinics for a nip/tuck in their intimate areas…

Australian society tells women that our breasts and other feminine areas such as our vulvas are areas of the body that require not only to be covered, but also to be perfected. This double standard has women wondering just what is normal, and with only their own vulvas to compare, it seems the search for ‘the perfect vagina’ has now become a rapidly growing issue.

If you are considering labiaplasty for purely cosmetic reasons, be sure you understand the process…

A woman’s confidence is priceless, and if you feel you need a labiaplasty to reclaim your quality of life as well as your confidence, I can help you. My name is Dr Jane Paterson and I am a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, and am dedicated to helping women discover the luxury and wonders of being completely satisfied with themselves, inside-out.

What you may experience…

It is important to note there will be minor discomfort; however I always ensure the incisions are inconspicuous and will be virtually invisible with time. If you are unhappy with the look of your intimate area, it is important to be fully informed of the procedure, including any risks, dangers or complications that could arise. I will make sure you are fully informed of these and more before conducting the surgery, and you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

I am a female plastic surgeon that has performed labiaplasty on hundreds of women, and I can honestly say I have never seen two the same…

If you are turning to surgery purely for aesthetics, just remember that no two women are the same, and you could be putting yourself through a surgery that you might not even need! I want all my patients to be certain of any procedure I offer before I proceed to treatment, this gives you time to make an informed choice.

Other women turn to the labiaplasty procedure due to functional reasons, discomfort or pain. The most common concerns of women who request labiaplasty usually include:

  • Feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment due to uneven or protruding labia
  • Painful intercourse
  • Discomfort caused by protruding labia rubbing on clothing
  • Childbirth distortion

If you experience any of the above, I am happy to sit with you to discuss your concerns in-depth, without judgement. I am a female surgeon, and this means I can understand your needs on a more compassionate level, so you can feel safe and confident about discussing your needs with me.

Discover your inner goddess with a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon…

I am completely focused on helping you achieve your body and confidence goals, and I will be your point of contact for every procedure. Whether you want to rejuvenate your intimate area or sculpt your curves to tighten and flatten the stomach, I want you to depart my clinic feeling great yourself about what we have achieved together.

To discover more about enhancing your confidence with the labioplasty procedure I perform or to book an appointment at my Melbourne cosmetic practice, please contact me.