10th of November 2014

Tell me about Labioplasty

Labioplasty surgery involves surgery of the Labia Minora (Inner Lips), usually to reduce the size or to reshape the Labia Minora.

Symptoms women experience include:

  1. Embarrasment or aesthetic concerns because of the overhang.
  2. Pain or chaffing with activity, sport, bike riding, running.
  3. Pain wearing tight clothing.
  4. Pain or chronic swelling during sexual intercourse.
  5. Poor hygiene/chronic infection.

This surgery is usually performed as a day case under a full general anaesthetic with a specialist anaesthetist, sterile conditions and intravenous antibiotics.

For most women the surgery involves reducing the size and reshaping the inner lips (labia minora).

Post operative care is very important. Patients are instructed on the use of ice packs and advised to have salt water baths for one week. Most women require a week off work. Patients are reviewed by Dr Jane at one week postoperatively and then again at six weeks.

This area of the body bruises and swells considerably and it will take a minimum of six weeks to see the final outcome.

This operation has a very high patient satisfaction rate if done for the right reasons. (92% “very satisfied” Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal 2010).

Be sure to choose a Plastic Surgeon who specialises in this operation as it requires precision and experience.

The Process:

Step 1.    Make an appointment

Phone or email for a confidential appointment with Dr Jane at our Melbourne practice. See your GP for a referral and bring that with you.

Step 2.    Your consultation

  • Patient questionnaire.
  • Medical considerations.
  • Clinical photography.
  • Surgical plan/discussion.
  • View before and after photos.
  • Full costing and scheduling information.

Step 3.    Book your surgery date

Step 4.    Post operative reviews

  • At one and six weeks.
  • Postoperative clinical photography.

Dr Jane is an experienced Plastic Surgeon who specialises in Labioplasty surgery. Phone 9429 3343 for your confidential consultation. Also, view our before and after photos at www.drjanepaterson.com.au