19th of July 2016

Timing your Breast Augmentation

Whether you are planning a holiday, wedding, pregnancy or fitness programme, timing is everything when booking your Breast Augmentation.


Around 3 weeks after your Breast Augmentation with Dr Jane you can swim in the beach, pool or spa as your incisions will be healed – be sure to always wear a sunscreen on the new scars as UV light will make the scars redder.

It is best to wait about 8 weeks before making a major investment in new bras and swimsuits.  At that time you will be able to more accurately determine your post-operative size and shape a get a truer fit.


Since wedding planning calendars usually recommend that you order your gown 8-10 months out, it means your surgery should be a year before the big day.  If you can’t plan that far ahead you should schedule surgery anywhere up to about 4 months before the wedding.  Thant way you will be able to get the bodice adjusted at the fitting 6-8 weeks before the ceremony.


If you are planning a pregnancy in the next 12 months – go and do that before your Breast Augmentation as pregnancy and breastfeeding will change the size, shape and breast position.  If you have your Breast Augmentation before you have children, no problem, you may need a revision after pregnancy.

Weight Loss

Weight loss may affect the size and position of your breasts.  If you are planning on losing 10% or more of your body weight, it makes sense to wait until you have reached your goal weight.  In order to choose breast implants that will make you proportional, you need to know your starting size.


Two weeks after surgery it is ok to start some gentle walking progressing to treadmill and exercise bike at 3 weeks.  Light upper limb weight training can commence at 6 weeks progressing to heavier training by 8 weeks.

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