14th of September 2016

Trends in Plastic Surgery

Are you considering breast augmentation?

Here are some discussion points from the annual meeting of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Surgeon preference for round breast implants

There was a considerable discussion at the meeting about whether implants should be anatomically shaped or round.

Overwhelmingly, American Surgeons prefer the use of round implants.  This is because it is impossible to tell the difference between an anatomical and a round breast implant once they have settled post-operatively.

Also, anatomical (or tear drop shaped) implants have many complications that are not seen with round implants. Anatomical implants can flip or rotate, and as they are textured implants, they are associated with complications such as seroma, capsulisation and ALCL.

At the meeting, 80% of surgeons in the audience preferred using round implants.

Breast implants can be placed in front of or behind the pectoralis muscle.  93% of surgeons in the US use the submuscular pocket.

Textured or smooth breast implants

One significant trend in plastic surgery is the move away from using textured implants.

In fact, currently, in the US, 73% of plastic surgeons recommend smooth breast implants over textured breast implants.

The main reason for this is the fact that textured implants are prone to biofilm production due to bacterial growth which then causes higher rates of capsular contracture.

Even more dangerous is the fact that the bacteria around textured implant have been implicated in the case of ALCL – a form of lymphoma.  This type of cancer, which grows in the capsule around the implant,  is very rare but only ever occurs in textured implants.

Are you considering breast augmentation?

Dr Jane only uses smooth implants that are FDA (Australian Government) approved, and she places them under the muscle (subpectoral plane) for the lowest risk of complications and the most natural looking results.

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