7th of March 2016

Trends in Plastic Surgery

More women are trading large breast implants for smaller sizes

The President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Dr Daniel Mills reported a 10% increase in the number of women asking for breast implant removal – with or without replacement.

A shift in Breast Augmentation procedures

Plastic surgeons are seeing a definite shift in the “look” many women are asking for, away from the very round prominent “stripper boob” toward something more in keeping with their natural shape.

Women who have had very large implants inserted have begun to realize what women with large breasts have already known – that large breasts can get in the way, especially when exercising.

When it comes to breast implant size, bigger is not always better.  Heavy, large volume implants may look good for 18 months, however, gravity will always win, resulting in breast droop – or ptosis.

In past years, many Plastic Surgeons have been pressured by patients who ask for very large breasts with extra fullness in the upper pole.  In time, the trend is for these women to ask their Plastic Surgeon to remove these implants and replace them with smaller volume implants.

Unparalleled care and compassion

At Dr Jane’s, we spend the time to discuss exactly what “look” you are looking to achieve and then more time planning size choice to give you the best result.

Size choice is such an important part of Breast Augmentation surgery.  Often the most beautiful results are elegant and conservative rather than dramatic and round.  Often the best results are achieved by enlarging a woman’s natural breast dimensions one or two sizes, retaining their natural appearance rather than changing the breast size too dramatically, resulting in an unnatural look for that individual woman.

There is no doubt that small breasts look better for longer and stay perkier for an extended time, in comparison to larger implants.

Every woman is unique

Each woman’s needs and desires are different.  It is so important to be able to communicate freely with your Plastic Surgeon so together you can achieve the best result.

Breast Surgery, Richmond

If you have any question in regards to your breast augmentation surgery or would like to discuss your options for breast reduction, make an appointment to see specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Jane.  Phone 9429 3343 at The Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.