21st of November 2016

What is a Labioplasty?

Talking about a woman’s body is a very sensitive topic.  Even more so when talking about a woman’s labia.

Every woman has two labia each side.  The outer labia or labia majora and the inner labia or labia minora.  Usually the  inner labia rest inside the outer labia.

Labioplasty surgery is being talked about more and more. Vaginal Plastic Surgery has been performed in Australia since the 1980’s and is becoming increasingly more popular.

Women are having Labioplasty surgery for two main reasons:

  1. Discomfort
  2. Concerns with appearances.

Women can feel discomfort when the inner labia (Labia Minora) protrude outside the outer labia (Labia Majora).  This can cause rubbing, chaffing, pain and swelling.  There may be discomfort during sexual intercourse if the labia minora roll or fold into the vagina.  Often women with large labia minora feel discomfort during exercise, bike riding, horse riding or even wearing tight clothing.

For some women the appearance of the labia minora can cause concerns especially if they are large, hanging out, out of proportion, uneven or discoloured.  Feeling unattractive in this part of the body can cause a great deal of psychological embarrassment and poor self-esteem which has very wide-reaching personal and social ramifications.

It is very important to understand that there is a wide range of “normal” and that no two people are the same.  (see the Labia Library produced by Women’s Health Victoria).

Labioplasty surgery is not Vaginal tightening.  Vaginal tightening is usually performed by a gynaecologist and is within the vagina where as labioplasty surgery is outside the vagina and involves the labia minora most commonly, less commonly it involves the labia majora and clitoral hood.

Dr Jane is an experience labioplasty plastic surgeon.  All surgery is performed under a full general anaesthetic, usually as a day procedure at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne.

For more information click here, or view Dr Jane’s before and after photos of labioplasty surgery click here.