26th of May 2016

Your Safety During Surgery

If you are having plastic surgery you are probably putting 100% of your focus on choosing a plastic surgeon. But where you have your surgery is just as important as who does your surgery.

Dr Jane only operates at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. She has been going to the Epworth Hospital for over 25 years. This hospital has a long and proud tradition of providing quality care for the Melbourne community and is fully equipped and accredited by the Federal Government.

Your surgery should be done in an accredited operating room for one reason: YOUR SAFETY.

Hospital Accreditation is complex and includes:

  1. Peer review: surgeons serving as monitors for each other to ensure safety measures and standards of care are followed.
  2. Data tracking – sterilization checks, infection monitors.
  3. Power failure, fire, flood protocols.
  4. Drug auditing: expiry checks, emergency supplies.
  5. Staff certification and background checks.
  6. Confidential medical record keeping.
  7. Quality management to ensure best standards are conducted and reviewed.
  8. Protocols are reviewed.
  9. Patient care and treatment are reviewed.
  10. Patients rights and responsibilities are respected.

If surgery is performed on the cheap in someone’s back office or in some overseas operating rooms, the strict criteria required for accreditation may not have been met and your safety may be compromised.

For peace of mind always check your surgeon’s credentials. Are they a specialist and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons? Are they a registered doctor with AHPRA?

Is the hospital they operate in accredited by the Australian Council on Heathcare Standards and the International Organisation for Standardization?

The Surgeon who operates in an accredited hospital cares about your safety. That reassurance is fundamental.