24th of May 2013

What happens after my Consultation?

Did you get all of your questions answered?

If not then come and see Dr Jane again (no charge for second consultations). Jot down any questions you think of before you come in to ensure you cover it all.

If you felt comfortable with Dr Jane and all your questions about your surgery were answered, the next step is to decide on a date.  Our operating lists are on each Wednesday morning at the Epworth Richmond or Epworth Cliveden hospitals.   Think about your recovery period and leave sometime for your body to recover.  During your consultation we will discuss with you the expected recover periods for your procedure.

When we have booked your chosen date in we will post out important information to you, which include:

  • Hospital forms – these are extensive forms detailing your personal details such as name and address, allergies, next of kin details, medical history and surgical history, and your surgical consent for your operation. These forms need to be fully completed and signed. They are then posted back into the hospital in the reply paid envelope.
  • Surgery Confirmation Letter – states your operation, the date, the hospital and address of the hospital. It also includes a step-by-step process for you to follow leading up to your surgery.  Lastly it includes your 1 week post-operative appointment with Dr Jane back in our consulting suite.
  • Quote – A copy of your quote and a form showing the different payments methods.  Payment for surgery is due 2 weeks before the date.

We will call you two days before your procedure to confirm your admission time and answer any last minute queries.

At your post-operative appointment in our rooms you will see Dr Jane. She will change any dressings and review your next stage in care. If applicable you will also receive a post operative pack containing Bio Oil, Vitamin E soap and surgical tape, all to encourage healthy wound healing and to minimise possible scarring.

There is a lot of information to take in during your first appointment, not just regarding the surgery but the financial aspects as well.  We are available to answer any of your queries and pride ourselves on promptly replying to your queries.