31st of May 2013

Will two different surgeons produce the same results?


We are all different in our own ways, the way we walk, talk, the way we hold a knife and fork and eat is different. Racing car drivers, golfers and tennis players all perform differently too.  We perform tasks differently and when a surgeon performs an operation, they too will perform differently to one another.  The most important factor that has come through studies looking into safety and effectiveness of common cosmetic and plastic surgery, is that it is performed by qualified individuals.

Australian law today still allows any medical professional to perform cosmetic surgery (which can be advertised as aesthetic surgery) regardless of their experience.  Opting to have the procedure performed by a less qualified doctor due to the cost factor, could end up costing you more than just money.  A surgeon’s extensive training and qualifications contribute to the success of any surgery, which in-turn limits your risk and complications and improves your outcome and experience.

Other factors that can determine the outcome of an operation are surgical techniques, experience, choice of prosthesis or implants, available equipment and hospital expertise.  We support our clients seeing other surgeons and having a second opinion as it is important that you protect your face and body, and feel comfortable in the hands of your surgeon.