27th of January 2013

Transcend your femininity

A recent survey has found that labiaplasty was the third most sought-after cosmetic treatment in 2012…

It seems women are increasingly turning to labioplasty to help restore their feelings of femininity and confidence. So many, in fact, that it was the third most sought-after surgery last year, losing only to breast enlargements and the tummy tuck!

With more awareness of the human form being addressed within the media, and with programmes such as “Embarrassing Bodies” being aired, women are beginning to become confused as to what is ‘normal’ and what is considered ‘abnormal’.

I am a female cosmetic surgeon, and am compassionate about my work and enabling women to feel feminine, youthful and most importantly, beautiful. I understand your feelings of unease, low self-esteem or unattractiveness, and this is why I have established my own cosmetic practice to help women experience the feeling of complete satisfaction within themselves.

Rediscover your confidence…

I have experienced first-hand this increasing interest in the labioplasty procedure, which is a surgical procedure to reduce the labia minora, or the ‘inner lips’. When you visit me at my practice in Melbourne, I am your point of contact for your surgery from day one. I make it a priority to sit with you and listen to your aspirations and goals, so we can come up with a perfect plan together.

The labiaplasty procedure I use in my practice is straight-forward and can typically be performed as a day surgery. During the procedure a small part of excess labia tissue is removed to help form an enhanced shape and aesthetically pleasing labia.

It is important to remember no two women are the same…

Even with the rise of the female form dominating mainstream media, it is imperative for your own feelings of self-confidence that you remember that those billboards, magazine photos and television series do not represent what is normal for every woman. I have seen and treated hundreds of women (over 100 a year) that have opted for labioplasty, and I have never found two the same.

Choosing a labioplasty is about discovering your femininity, self-esteem and confidence, and I urge all my patients to understand the complete procedure before settling on their choice. If you are embarrassed about how your intimate areas look, or you are concerned because you experience:

•    Discomfort caused by protruding labia rubbing on clothing
•    Childbirth distortion
•    Painful intercourse

The labioplasty procedure may be suitable for you. If you have any questions or concerns I can sit with you to answer your queries and discuss your options.

Reclaim your quality of life…

I am committed to helping you achieve greater self-confidence by performing high quality cosmetic procedures, which are not solely limited to labioplasty. I also perform many other superior quality cosmetic treatments, such as breast lift surgery, breast reductions or enhancements, so you are able to completely rejuvenate your appearance and conviction.

My difference…

My focus is on women’s cosmetic surgery needs and requirements. As a woman myself, I can understand what you need while giving you complete confidentiality in my relaxed practice. I make it a point to be compassionate and considerate of your needs, and will only recommend a surgical treatment if I feel it will be beneficial to you and allow you the results you desire.

It is important to remember to have realistic expectations for your procedure, as this will help you truly love the results you achieve.

To discover more about enhancing your confidence with the labioplasty procedure I perform or to book an appointment at my Melbourne cosmetic practice, please contact me.